Tuesday, December 06, 2005

New Blog--Jus in Bello

Pace Law Library announces its latest foray into electronic publishing, Jus in Bello, a new weblog devoted to the International Criminal Court, other international criminal tribunals, and the law of international criminal prosecutions. Jus in Bello will feature opinion pieces by three Pace Law School professors, each of whom specializes in a different area of international law. It will also features links to news stories about the topics to which the weblog is devoted. I am particularly proud of the collections of links to primary and secondary resources on international criminal law that were put together by Margaret Moreland, Lawyer/Librarian at Pace. Margaret is also responsible for the news coverage, and for the design and maintenance of the weblog. Jus in Bello is a good example of a successful collaboration between law faculty and librarians. The inaugural issue includes a provocative article by Professor Thomas McDonnell on targeted killings. We hope to publish new articles weekly, with links to new news articles added more frequently. Comments and criticism are welcome.

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