Sunday, December 11, 2005

Does Anybody Remember Katrina?

Lindsay at Majikthise has a news roundup:

Katrina news

Think Progress on Bush's broken promises to New Orleans--Bush Advisor To Reporter: Katrina “Has Fallen So Far Off The Radar Screen, You Can’t Find It.”

Steve Gilliard points to Gail Collins' editorial, "Death of an American City".

Democracy Now reminds us that the Katrina death toll remains unknown.

AP reports on post-Katrina forensics.

Newsday has a story on the efforts to reunite families after Katrina. Three months after the hurricane, over 1300 kids are still unaccounted for.

Chris Kromm reports from the Katrina Survivor's Assembly in Jackson, Mississippi.

"Voices From the Ninth Ward" by Tim Shorrock of Reconstruction Watch.

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