Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry What?!

I am a Christian, raised in a protestant church, and converted as an adult to Roman Catholicism. As mad as I get at my current church home, I care a great deal about my faith. I am absolutely torn about the celebration of Christmas, and all the stupid culture and political struggle going on over the so-called “war on Christmas.”

On the one hand, I am, and have long been, appalled at how commercial Christmas has become. Yes, I understand that for many merchants, this orgy of sales is their boost out of bankruptcy each year. But, consider how awful to have taken a sacred celebration in any other religious tradition and pasted such an orgy of consumerism onto it! Even the ridiculous, over-the-top decoration of houses kind of gets me. [Note to self – take that anti-depressant pill NOW!]

On the other hand, I really hate the political hay being made out of this “happy holiday” war on Christmas crap. I’m sorry, we live in a multi-cultural society. I do like to wish my Christian friends Merry Christmas, and am delighted when Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist friends wish me a happy Christmas. But if they are uncomfortable, I can certainly see that – geez, our society gets saturated with Christmas stuff this time of year! I think they ought to be allowed to opt out. As I said before, Christianity is not a minority faith in this society. It is more under attack from being exploited for commercialism and power-seeking pastors than from political correctness, in my humble opinion.

So, a mere day early, here comes Santa – you better watch out!
You better not pout!
You better not cry,
I’m telling you why –
Cause this Santa’s riding a big Harley Hog and he’s not takin’ crap offa nobody!
Watch out all you Holy Rollers and Christian Soldiers!
Santa’s not takin’ any prisoners.
He knows who’s been naughty and nice, so watch your backs, dudes.

This Santa was drawn by me, Betsy McKenzie and scanned and fixed up in GIMP (a freeware competitor to Adobe Photoshop) by my wizard son, Joe. Copyright 2005.

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