Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Take a look at the Iraq War from the other side

I have mentioned this award-winning blog before, I am pretty sure. It is written anonymously under the pseudonym "Riverbend" from inside war-torn Baghdad by a young woman. The reader sees an Iraq where Riverbend's grandmother can fear death, because she was born under foreign occupation, but never dreamed she might die under the same circumstances. Turns the whole situation into a different problem. You find out about the raids by "Iraqi government soldiers," the problems of intermittent power (still!), and all sorts of other disadvantages of living in Baghdad under American/British occupation.

Take a look at Baghdad Burning now that it has not only won a Bloggie as the best Middle-East blog, but, as a non-fiction book, is also on the short list for Samuel Johnson Prize, a British prize for nonfiction writing. News link

Samuel Johnson Informational site link

Samuel Johnson Longlist for 2006 -- BBC link

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