Saturday, April 15, 2006

Jim's Daily Outrage

From Majikthise : Seymour Hersh at Columbia University:

I saw Seymour Hersh speak at Columbia University's school of journalism this afternoon.

Hersh was speaking on a panel called 'Reporting War.' The discussion focused primarily on the ways that governments try to prevent accurate war reporting and the ways that media corporations enforce the will of these governments.

Hersh said some very chilling things about the prospect of Bush attacking Iran with nuclear weapons.

'Don't bet against him,' Hersh said.

The natural temptation is to assume that Bush isn't serious. After all, no rational person would be serious about what Bush's minions are hinting at. And yet, as Hersh knows only too well, Bush has gone ahead and done things no reasonable person would do.

Agreed. With the conservative movement crashing down around Bush and failure staring him in the face, it's entirely possible that he might attack Iran with nukes rather than face his own failure.

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