Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Some non-law gems

Just for fun, here are some of my favorite non-law websites. I used to give the students in my advanced legal research class a long non-law worksheet, but they are so tired by that last class, that I have really cut it back. It's too bad because they miss seeing some cool things, like these:

Quotations, Encyclopedias and more:
Now you can get them online, but there are a plethora of great books for this as well. But since this is a blog, I will send you to link

Bartleby's has quotation books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, factbooks, stylebooks, and more. They also have sections with full text of entire books of poetry, fiction and nonfiction, all out of copyright. Very nice search engine, but you do have to select where to search.

Also, see,

Reference link

This is a very fun site, but it has so much on it that you can get lost. They also have links to quotation books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, stylebooks, almanacs, and lots, lots more. These are located on the right-hand margin, near the bottom of the page, in a blue box. There are lots of other links as well -- statistics, feature sites, picture sites, maps, news, sports and business sites.

Business list from RefDesk link

Hoovers link

Alas! This now requires a subscription.

They have links to helpful government information like

Statistical Abstracts link

and the Occupational Handbook link.

and lots of interesting things like lots of health sites and information lately on gas prices. There are always links just for fun, too, word of the day, this day in history, and humor columns. Part of the confusion of the RefDesk site is that they list some things multiple times, so it makes them easier to find for some folks but it also makes a cluttered page.

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