Monday, April 24, 2006

Grand Unified Theory of Wingnuttia

From Balloon Juice:

Here’s what I think happened: Hillary tells her friends in the CIA to try to embarrass Bush to help her own chances in 2008. What she fears most is Condi. Condi would be an unstoppable candidate—Americans love to see unmarried, African-American women in positions of power. Look at Oprah, look at Starr Jones.

So Hillary gets Joe Wilson to lie about the uranium we all know that Iraq bought from Niger and later did in Syria. Then she gets Richard Clarke and Mary McCarthy and this Drumheller guy to out Valerie Plame and gets Matt Cooper and Tim Russert to lie and say it was Karl Rove and Scooter Libby who outted her. Then she gets McCarthy to make up these “secret prisons” (which don’t even exist) to further embarrass the president. All of this makes Condi look bad.

So you see, not only are the Democrats traitors, they are racists and misogynists.
Hat tip to The Green Knight.

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