Monday, April 17, 2006

Jim's Daily Outrage

From The Revealer, one of the best online sources on religion in the media:
Jesus Bitch Slaps Teen Agents of the Radical Homosexual Agenda
11 April 2006

The Rev. Flip Benham, leader of a modest little outfit called Operation Save America, wishes to alert the media to his group's stirring smack-down of yet another Threat to America, the Gay-Straight Alliance club of South Rowan High School, near Charlotte, North Carolina. "Our city and government officials," writes Rev. Flip, "continually tell us, ‘Our hands are tied.’ We continually remind them that the hands of the Church of Jesus Christ are not!"

Rev. Flip's description of OpSavAm's battle with the "weaseling" group of tolerant teens posseses a certain poetry: "More than 700 gentle Christians converged on the Rowan-Salisbury School Board last night to stand for Christ and say, 'No,' to the radical homosexual agenda that is weaseling its way into our public schools. The preachers preached, the singers sang, the prayers prayed, and the theology of the church house became biography in the streets of Salisbury, North Carolina."

No word on the subsequent biographies of the godless gays, but the school board heard the message and voted unanimously to shut down the America-threatening organization in recognition of what Rev. Flip describes as the club's "bullying tactics." Seems it was the same old sad story at South Rowan High -- mobs of gay football players pushing shy heterosexual boys into lockers, the lesbian in-crowd sneering "breeder" at lonely straight girls. It's all too familiar.

With the exception of an appropriately named blog called "Raw Story," the liberal media, of course, is covering up the America-saving spiritual warriors' victory. Seven hundred adult Christians teaming up to shout a couple of queer kids and their friends into silence just isn't news in this country.

Part of our work here at The Revealer is encouraging the press to cover overlooked religion stories. This surely qualifies, and fortunately, Rev. Flip has volunteered his very own telephone number in his press release. So if you'd like to report on Rev. Flip's fight against gay teens and their friends -- or just thank him for saving America -- here's the number to call: 980-722-4920.

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