Monday, August 22, 2005

Library Super Heroes!

The Association of Boston Law Libraries is one of the organizations urging its members to nominate folks for the Mass. Lawyers Weekly "Unsung Heroes" award. These are legal professionals in five categories, including librarians -- Yay! -- to be honored for their contributions to legal practice.

ABLL is largely firm librarians, though there are a lot of school and court librarians that belong, too -- they have the occasional terrific luncheon and speaker, and wine at the annual business meeting -- can't miss that! It was one of the truly great orientation things that happened when I moved to Boston. I got involved with ABLL. Thank you, guys!

They are one of the few law library organizations that is not affiliated with AALL, either, so that's another interesting thing. They do their own local salary survey each year, and created their own terrific logo. It takes a lot for a group of firm librarians to keep an organization like this so active.

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