Monday, August 22, 2005

LexisNexis unveils anti-plagiarism tool

From LexisNexis Media Relations - August 22, 2005 News Release:

DAYTON, OH, August 22, 2005 - LexisNexis U.S, a leading provider of news, business and legal information services, today announced the launch of the revolutionary new LexisNexis® CopyGuard™ solution to help detect plagiarism and copyright infringement and protect intellectual property. The LexisNexis CopyGuard product was co-developed with iParadigms, a leader in developing new technologies for intellectual property theft detection and for vetting intellectual property originality.

This innovative solution ( enables users to verify content originality quickly and easily. Within minutes users can search efficiently across billions of documents. There are more than 6.1 billion searchable documents that are continuously updated through the LexisNexis® service, including deep archives, and four to five years of archived Web pages from iParadigms, which together create a vast collection of content in one place.

A number of universities have been using commercial anti-plagiarism tools like Turnitin to combate undergrad plagiarism. Some law schools have looked at these tools, but they didn't cover law reviews and other sorts of materials that law students might plagiarize from. CopyGuard seems to be intended for companies investigating infringement of their intellectual property. I don't know whether it will be made available to law schools.

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