Monday, August 29, 2005

Confessions of a Librarian-Pirate

Now that we've gone semi-legitimate, being archived by the Library of Congress, I am having a crisis of conscience. Actually, it's brought on by my 15 year old daughter (what else are teenagers good for besides making you feel like a heel? Well, I guess, they are very good at telling you when you are dressed like an idiot, but that's another story). She's got a very good point.

I have been blithely decorating our blog with stolen pictures. Sorry, Jim! Don't blame him-- He didn't know he was inviting a pirate. The pictures look great, but I have not been giving any credits about where I have been taking them from. I will be going back and trying to figure this out and giving these good folks the credit they deserve.

I'm not really as bad as it might look. It was a short step to internet picture piracy. I started taking pictures to decorate my computer, just for myself. That seemed harmless enough, and I think it's probably okay. And when we started doing the blog, to tell you the truth, I thought of it as a sort of electronic newsletter of temporary interest, even though I know a blog archives itself. It was frankly hard to imagine very many people coming to read it. I watched the statistics page over the summer's end, and that seemed to be true. Up until this week. Ooops. I guess people came back from vacation, school is back in session. I guess it's more real than I thought. So I had better get right with the copyright gods.

Just one more pirate picture, though? I'll give a credit....This picture came from

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