Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina-related blogs

This from an email on the lawprof listserv from Pam Metzger at Tulane Law School:

“The Tulane e-mail system is off-line as is the Loyola system. So, none of us can use our customary means of communication (e-mail) to see how our loved ones are doing. (As you can imagine, we are all anxious to hear about the whereabouts and safety of our friends, family, colleagues, and clients.)

“I have set up two blog spots for folks to check in with their current whereabouts and contact information. At the Clinical Law Blog, I've set up a posting line for clinical faculty, students, staff and clients to post exchange information. That site is here.

“I've also set up a blogspot for the Tulane and Loyola law school communities. It's here. If you could share this information with the general law prof list I'd appreciate it. It's nothing fancy, but we're hoping we can at least find out whether our loved ones are safe.”

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