Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Depository Library Council

DLC Vision Outline
Marian Parker posted this notice to lawlibdir and other listservs today. "I wanted to make sure that all of you got to see this and again, I encourage you to come to DC in October with your gov docs librarian. This is really a critical time for GPO and our work as law libraries. I hope that you will participate, by commenting and by attending."

The Depository Library Council (DLC) invites the library community and general public to post their comments on, “Toward a Vision of the Government Information Environment of the 21st Century: A Draft Outline,” on the DLC Vision Outline Blog at
The DLC has developed a series of questions to be used as guides in drafting papers on each of these significant issues. It is our hope that these papers will help focus the discussion as we envision our future as providers of government information at the Fall Depository Library Conference, October 16-19, 2005.

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