Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Vermont Legalizes Gay Marriage!

The first state to legalize gay marriage by legislative action, Vermont overrode governor Jim Douglas' veto with the minimum votes needed, about 40 minutes ago. The Associated Press, at this Boston Globe webpost, with a nice video feed reports the story. The House had the minimum votes needed to override the veto, while the Senate easily made the override.

OOTJ readers who are puzzled about the swan picture I use to illustrate the gay marriage stories should know that the swans at the Boston Gardens were known as Romeo and Juliet for years and years. But a few years ago, just about the time of the gay marriage decision in Massachusetts, by coincidence, scientists let slip to the newspapers that the swans are, in fact, Juliet and Juliet. Which explained why the nest never had any eggs. They still love each other, though.

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Vincetastic said...

Leave it to Vermont and Iowa to be the most progressive states in the nation, shame on us here in California for passing Prop 9. Whether you call it Gay Marriage or Civil Union, the basic premise is that every person should have equal rights. It’s good to see that some states are progressing, I made a list on my site of the states I think will legalize Gay Marriage first: http://www.toptentopten.com/topten/first+states+that+will+legalize+gay+marriage