Friday, April 24, 2009

New Blog: Suffolk Media Law

Hooray! A new student group at Suffolk is posting very actively at an interesting new blog, The Suffolk Media and Communications Law Society has wide ranging interests. They have posts ranging from Supreme Court cases on First Amendment cases on dog fighting videos, to Congressional Tweeters, to issues with Facebook abuse among jurors and fair use rights for news aggregators. I don’t know how much the blog will fall off over the summer – this may be a problem. But right now, even as exams loom, this brand new blog is running very hot. Take a look... It’s full of exciting new stories about the sorts of things OOTJ is always interested in!

One of the better posts is about major corporations' use of claims of trademark to intimidate bloggers who criticize them. The post has a good links and reports on several examples of the matter. The post picks up on an unusual example where a blogger fights back against the intimidation tactics. And then the writer offers a brief but trenchant analysis of the issues involved. Nice work! We hope to see more.


ChickadeeLittle said...
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Kristin A. Billera said...

Thank you so much for bringing attention to our blog! We've been working very hard on it. We don't expect our blog to fall off during the summer at all. Our executive board members have each committed to one post per a week and we expect it to grow as our club gets larger. We also welcome comments from anyone and guest posts from members of the legal community.
In addition to our blog, we send out a weekly newsletter with a roundup of media and communications law news. If you would like to subscribe, email us at

Thank you again!

Kristin A. Billera
MCLS Secretary