Monday, April 27, 2009

Twitter Job Search?

Twitter job search - click on the title to this post to go -- claims that it has posted 159,602 new jobs in the last 30 days. In their "about us" section, they explain the site as a new search engine for social media websites:

Until now, search engines for social media sites merely looked for words.
We're looking at context.

We use semantic tools to look at what was said.
We then look at what they've said before.
We then look at who was saying it.

If we do this right, we can figure out why they're saying anything at all.
They are certainly building their own buzz. If you click on their "buzz" tab, you see that Twitterers are talking about, and they are harvesting the tweets. If you go to their "browse" tabs, you go to the real search section. They have categories of jobs you can look under (that's the browse! doh!). Legal is one of the categories with ten sub-categories listed beneath. Of those, three are different types of solicitors (Twitter is international), one is a legal secretary category, one is paralegal, one is senior partner, but none are librarians. In fact, I could not find any category that included librarians in them. Ah, well.

They have an interesting job map in beta. It shows a world map with T pins showing where jobs have popped up in the social media world they have been harvesting, I suppose. The sweep covers the last 72 hours. Pretty interesting tool, though this part does not tell you what the job is. Fun, though.

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Ray said...

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good luck to all.