Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hungary's Horse

The New York Times' story 4/20 about Overdose the racehorse who is carrying Hungary's heart in every race, caught my attention. My sister sent me the link, and I'm a sucker for stories like this. Tip of the OOTJ hat to Barrett Hansen.

A racehorse bought for a pittance has turned into a national hero in crisis-stricken Hungary.

The thoroughbred known as Overdose pounded down the stretch here at Kincsem Park on Sunday to extend his record to 12 wins in 12 races, his jockey clad in the red, white and green of the Hungarian flag.

And for an afternoon at least, the crowd of more than 20,000 in the grandstand and lining the rail, along with all the Hungarians watching at home, could forget about the resignation of the prime minister and their currency’s nosedive.

As times have gotten tougher here, the 4-year-old Overdose has become the Hungarian Seabiscuit, a symbol of hope for Americans during the Great Depression. He appears to remind Hungarians of themselves: undervalued and underestimated.
The tough, undervalued little horse stands for the possibility of hope, and of miracles. The image is from the Times article, of Overdose and his exuberant Belgian jockey Christophe Soumillion, celebrating a victory at Kincsem Park on Sunday. The racetrack is named for a famous Hungarian filly of the 19th century, according to the Times article, Kincsem, who retired after 54 races, without losing a single one.

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Paul said...

Thanks for the short but in depth desciption of the Hungarians and "Overdose" On the sidenote, Hungarians have 105 diffrent words to signify the color combinations of a horse..