Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just for fun: Spring Migration Tracker once again!

It's spring migration time and for folks like me who are so hungry for spring they are walking up perfect strangers' driveways to pay homage to daffodils and crocuses, the Spring Migration Tracker at is perfect! No more worries about trespassing issues, for instance! And I can glory in spring even in bad rainstorms! You can click on the region of the country that interests you, and see what birds are migrating by the date. You can see the sweep of the rough map of the migration routes, and hear recordings of each bird. The image is a hummingbird picture from the e-nature site.

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Ashley said...

This is a great tool! What type of feeders do you hang for the hummingbirds during migration season? I found Perky-Pet's Top Fill feeders while browsing online. They’re the easiest I ound to clean and fill. Here's an example of one:
Let me know what you think.