Sunday, September 09, 2007


Link through the title of this post to an article in today’s Boston Globe about consumer-mounted gripe sites on the Web. lists and links to a collection of gripe sites that could be used as a review of service and sales providers. The site notes complaint sites that have been shut down or involved in litigation. They also praise the importance of First Amendment free speech rights. Offers advice on setting up a gripe site.

The article also covers the frustrations of those pilloried at these sites with courts that consistently uphold the First Amendment rights of consumers to post their opinions and experiences. At least one court has said if the contractor can provide credible evidence that the complaint site is defaming him, the judge will consider shutting the site down. So far, it hasn’t happened. But be aware if you use these sites that few people who are happy about the results are going to be motivated to post happy websites praising a provider. Librarians know how many more times you hear the complaints than the praises!

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