Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gorgeous Libraries

One of my colleagues tipped me off to the Curious Expeditions blog, which is devoted to "travelling and exhuming the extraordinary past." The postings run the gamut from a story about the Infant of Prague (he occupied a place of honor in my childhood home, and I was fascinated with him and loved to dress him in his many outfits; this story was a revelation to this lapsed Catholic) to the observance of St. Stephen's Day in Hungary. The blog is eclectic and fascinating, and the illustrations that accompany the postings are stunning. Every librarian will enjoy this posting on exquisite libraries around the world. The photos are lush, the libraries themselves simply beautiful as places. To my delight, I realized I had visited a number of them, and they are even more beautiful in person because one can appreciate the scale and proportions. Enjoy!


Betsy McKenzie said...

Thank you, Marie, for both fascinating links. I enjoyed the blog and the lovely library images. I also enjoyed the little history of the Infant of Prague -- I never knew he had been owned by the Spanish royal family, and given as wedding gifts. Cool!

Lucie said...

Thank you for sharing the Curious Expeditions website. What a great amount of work and information invested into this site. Great!