Monday, September 17, 2007

Skeptics of Second Life

The title to this post will connect readers to an article dated May 15, 2007 in Library Journal, by Mark Y. Herring, "Get a (Real) Life." The deliberately controversial article is mentioned in the Chronicle of Higher Education side bar that accompanies a lengthy article detailing the adventures of six academics on Second Life. Mr. Herring, dean of library services at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C. He asked some younger, tech-savvy staffers to explore Second Life and report on their opinion of the utility of the virtual world to Winthrop's library services. They really came back empty-handed. Dean Herring explored on his own as well, and discusses meeting librarians in Second Life through his article. Check it out.

The Chronicle article, "Professor Avatar," can be read here, for those who have a subscription and e-password. None of the people featured in the article are librarians, though. It's interesting (in a Peeping Tom kind of way) to look at the pictures of the actual faculty and their avatars. I have to say my avatar looks considerably snazzier than I do, but she does have gray hair. I lack the technical savvy to add specs to my avatar at this point. You can see my avatar wasting away by searching for Boptunia Woodget. I don't visit much, so I'm serious about that "wasting away." You are forwarned.

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