Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lexis/Nexis, Gene Koo & Berkman Center

Lexis-Nexis has mailed to law school library directors (and maybe more people) a white paper by Gene Koo, "New Skills, new Learning: Legal Education & the Promise of Technology." Koo is a research fellow at Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. The paper was distributed to some law folks in May and June of 2007, and there were some early talks about it as well. If you want more info, see Gene's talks about the research at:

1. MediaBerkman - click on the title to this blog entry, for a talk at Berkman Center May 23, 2007.

2. Podnova, Gene Koo at the Berkman Center in March, 2007.

3. Mefedia, Gene Koo at the end of March. Appears to be the same talk, but the run time is slightly longer than that at Podnova.

4. SSRN abstract and links to download full article from Koo -- it appears to be the same text as the Lexis-distributed white paper.

5. Joho the Blog archives from end of May, 2007. Not a video, but notes on the talk -- nice list of terms and definitions here.

6. SLaw, blog entry by Simon Chester with an executive summary from what was just mailed from Lexis/Nexis, dated April 4, 2007. Interesting comments and links to blog entries chatting about the future of legal education.

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