Thursday, November 03, 2005

Technology Enables Us...

Sometimes! I worked for more than a week to get that silly Pod casters entry up. It was just a silly thing to post, and I guess it was not worth the amount of effort I put into solving all the problems that I had to solve into getting that cursed thing up. It's a librarian thing, isn't it, not to give up? First the photo-poster wasn't working -- that was why Jim's adorable cats didn't show up in his Friday cat blogging post. So I put off publishing the entry. Then the photo-technology starting working - sort of. The problem then became operator error, I guess. So, Technology Enables Us, except when it does not work or when we are just learning to make it work and don't understand what we are doing. And it's really a librarian sort of thing to sort of keep at it when we have invested way more candle than the game is worth! Darn.

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