Thursday, November 03, 2005

Law Librarian Heroes!

Way back in August, I think, I mentioned that the Assn. of Boston Law Libraries, together with the Mass. Lawyers Weekly , were taking nominations to recognize various Heroes among the professions that assist lawyers, including Law Library Heroes. YAY!

They finally came through a few weeks ago, though it took a while for me to hear. Brian Harkins, of the Social Law Library is the Law Library Hero of 2005. This is particularly appropriate. Brian is the guy that law librarians in the Boston area fall back on when they are stumped. That's right! He is the reference librarians' reference librarian. I am very proud to say he is also a Suffolk JD! and comes regularly to speak at my Advanced Legal Research class on Legal Research in the Real World. He's a good friend, and I am so glad he is getting some recognition. Yay, Brian, Congratulations! Below is a link where you can see a digital photo of Brian from an LLNE online newsletter (Brian is the one holding the blue-wrapped basket in the second photo). Being in an LLNE newsletter probably means it was taken by his colleague at Social Law, John Pedini, also known as Fiche Man (Pedini actually appeared in the Exhibit Hall at AALL in a costume covered in microfiche). John is very outgoing. ;} Nice picture, John!

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