Monday, November 07, 2005

Law Librarian Blog: Yale Law School to Host First Conference on Search Engine Law

The Yale Law School Information Society Project will host "Regulating Search?," the first academic conference devoted to the developing law of search engines, on December 3, 2005. This event will bring together representatives from the search industry, government, civil society, and academia to discuss the emerging intersection of search engines and various forms of regulation. "Regulating Search?" will include speakers from Google and the Authors Guild.

The way in which law treats search functionality is still up for grabs, and with it, the potential to wield enormous power in the developing knowledge economy. This symposium will focus on trends in the search engine market and in recent litigation, identify the interests that are implicated by the increasing legal control of search, and discuss appropriate policy responses.

Registration for the conference and further information are available on the ISP website at Registration is free for Yale students and faculty, $35 for other students, $75 for academic and nonprofit participants, and $165 for corporate and law firm participants.

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