Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Launch of Leiter's Law School Rankings

I am delighted announce the launch of Leiter’s Law School Rankings, by Brian Leiter, Joseph D. Jamail Centennial Chair in Law at the University of Texas School of Law, in association with our Law Professor Web Services LLC.

Leiter’s Law School Rankings (1) contains two brand new law school quality rankings, and (2) expands, reorganizes, and redesigns the rankings material formerly maintained on the University of Texas School of Law website.

1. The new 2005 rankings are:

* Faculty Quality Rankings: Scholarly Impact (Citations)
* Student Quality Rankings

2. Leiter’s Law School Rankings presents law school rankings material in seven categories:

* Newest Rankings contains the latest 2005 rankings (Faculty Quality Rankings: Scholarly Impact (Citations) and Student Quality Rankings)
* Faculty Rankings contains rankings of scholarly quality (as measured by reputation, productivity, and impact) and teaching quality, as well as a listing of faculty moves
* Student Rankings contains rankings of student quality (as measured by LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs)
* Job Placement contains rankings of placement of students at elite law firms, a well as listings of where faculty went to law school and Supreme Court clerkships
* U.S. News Rankings contains discussions of the U.S. News & World Report Law School Rankings and how the rankings on this site differ from U.S. News
* Archives contains Educational Quality Rankings of U.S. Law Schools from earlier years
* Links contains links to law review articles on law school rankings (the links are to the articles on SSRN, Hein-on-Line, and Westlaw, in that order of priority)

Our goal is to make Leiter’s Law School Rankings the premier Internet site of law school rankings for prospective, current, and former law students; law school faculty and administrators; and practicing lawyers in law firms, government, and public interest organizations. Please email us comments or suggestions for improvement.

Law Professor Web Services LLC

Paul L. Caron, Charles Hartsock Professor of Law, University of Cincinnati College of Law
Joseph A. Hodnicki, Associate Director for Library Operations, University of Cincinnati College of Law

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