Monday, February 04, 2008

Touro Law School to Change Hands?

The February 2 issue of Newsday, the newspaper for Long Island, reports that Stony Brook University is in talks to purchase Touro Law School. This is interesting because Touro moved into its new campus only last year. There are only two law schools on Long Island--Touro and Hofstra--and the addition of a law school to Stony Brook's other offerings would enhance its profile dramatically. Currently there is only one other law school in the SUNY system--University of Buffalo Law School--but that is in the northern part of the state. SUNY previously announced plans to create a new law school at Binghamton University, so this would make a total of four public law schools in New York State, CUNY being the fourth.


James Milles said...

One correction: I'm not aware that the SUNY administration has announced plans to open a new law school; Binghamton University President Lois D. LaFleur has announced that "Talks between BU and State University of New York's administration have been ongoing ... as have discussions about accreditation and other topics with those in the law field." I expect that there is some way to go before SUNY will will commit to funding a second law school, much less a third.

Marie S. Newman said...

Thanks for the correction, Jim.