Tuesday, February 05, 2008

And now for something completely different

Fans of Monty Python's Flying Circus may be disappointed, but I'll bet the rest of OOTJ readers will enjoy the little video exploring a new start-up in Somerville, Mass, Taza Chocoloate. They are a bean to bar chocolate maker. That means that they buy the beans, grind them (on grindstones they cut themselves), and make the chocolate from scratch. I plan to buy a bunch of Taza chocolate (inspired by Mexican chocolate traditions) for Valentine's day. I hope you enjoy the completely calorie-free chocolate fix. Click on the link in the title to this post to go to the Boston Globe "Office Invasion" feature page, and choose the Taza chocolate entry (if it's not already cued up for you to watch).

Completely off topic, but I couldn't resist! (Pay no attention to that Milles behind the curtain struggling with Martindale-Hubbell)

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