Monday, August 20, 2007

WikiScanner checks who's editing Wikipedia

Click on the title to this post to read a Washington Post article about Virgil Griffith, creator of WikiScanner, a program to identify the IP addresses of editors to Wikipedia articles. I was originally alerted to this story by a LawLib post, referring to the Sydney Morning Herald story about WikiScanner. You can access WikiScanner directly at Interesting to see who's editing and what they are saying. Most editing seems to be minor correction and enlarging articles in a responsible way, but political figures, corporate competitors and news organizations can't seem to resist the temptation to make themselves look better or poke competitors in the eye. A carnival of human nature!


Scooter said...

Your wikiscanner URL is relative - so it's pointing back at you - you need to fully qualify it with the http:

Betsy McKenzie said...

Thanks! I'll change it.