Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday break time

Seagulls, beautiful riders on the wind, white wings outstretched in the sun... Seagulls are often symbols of freedom. They sail along all the coasts, up large tidal rivers and into some large lakes.

I never really saw seagulls while I lived in the interior of the country. Having moved to Boston, however, I now see them all the time. They sail past my windows downtown, calling that instantly recognizable cry. To me, it still rings of freedom, of afternoons strolling along beaches, of bright sparkling waves rolling.

Those who grew up with seagulls often have a less romantic image. One colleague who lived all his life along the shore says they remind him of trash dumps. And they do, indeed, love dumps, dumpsters, and trashcans. They steal from other birds, and are aggressive enough to take food right from a human hand.

But I still get a thrill each time I hear a gull call. When I see them gliding, riding the air above the city or my neighborhood, I am glad. They shine white in the sun, against brilliant blue skies or gray. I think of freedom, of beauty and of the wind and the sea.

Have a great weekend!

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