Thursday, August 23, 2007

New ABA Pres says he'll work to teach Rule of Law: Can he teach Bush?

The Washington Post has an article on a manual the Bush administration developed in 2002 on controlling crowds and negating dissenters posted here. The ACLU got this manual by subpoena in the case I mentioned a few days ago where the couple wearing anti-Bush T-shirts were escorted away from a presidential speech. Here is the ACLU release about their work on the case.

New ABA President William H. Neukom issued what he calls the World Justice Project here. He plans to export the idea of the Rule of Law to other countries. I'm afraid he needs to do a lot of spade work here, first! President Neukom defines the Rule of Law:

I. A system of self-government in which all persons, including the government, are accountable under the law;

II. A system based on fair, publicized, broadly understood and stable laws;

III. A robust and accessible process in which rights and responsibilities based in law are enforced impartially, and

IV. Diverse, competent, independent and ethical lawyers and judges.
I believe in his project's aims with all my heart. I just wish our administration did! Lotsa luck, Mr. Neukom! You've got to clean our own house first! Oops! They forgot the First Amendment.

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