Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why is the US military covering up PFC LaVena Johnson's death?

Click on the title to this post to link to a web page about PFC LaVena Johnson, late of the St. Louis area. You may also want to link herre for handy contact info for various Senators and Representatives on the Armed Services Committees in Congress. And here is a YouTube presentation of a news report from St. Louis news channel 4 about the mystery. The young woman appears to have been sexually molested, and then murdered to keep her from speaking out -- and now the military will not investigate.

Thanks to Grace Mills for alerting OOTJ to this story, so similar to the cover-up of football Cardinal Pat Tillman's death by friendly fire. Since LaVena was not a celebrity soldier, and was, in fact, a woman of color, I suppose a great deal more pressure will be required to bring justice in this case. She died in 2005, and her family was notified that she was a suicide, despite injuries to her body consistent with a struggle, and the fact that somebody tried to burn her corpse. Also, her parents and commanding officer agree that she was not depressed and was, in fact, happy close to the day of her death. Her debit card also disappeared at the time of her death. Hmmm, I guess this sort of thing seems open and shut to the military.

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