Tuesday, December 05, 2006

University Presses and Google

Well, one university press, anyway. Reading a blog post about the effects of the minimum wage, I just ran across a link to a book by Alan Manning, Monopsony in Motion: Imperfect Competition in Labor Markets. What struck me there was this link:

Explore full text using Google Book Search

I've never seen this before: a publisher using (presumably partnering with) Google's Book Search feature rather than seeing it as a copyright violation. I know--Google has long since become a big, evil corporation--but still, it's a positive sign to me that (at least some) publishers are seeing the benefits of giving away (at least some) information.

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Betsy McKenzie said...

You can see a surprising amount of the book by toodling around through the Google link at Princeton University Press. I hope commercial publishers begin to see this as a positive thing, too. The movie industry fought tooth and nail against videotape, and now find that dvds (formerly videos) are an important aftermarket that they really benefit from.