Monday, December 11, 2006

Recharge portable electronics wirelessly!

MIT physicist Marin Soljacic is planning a device that will recharge your Ipod, cell phone, digital camera wirelessly. The idea is to carefully design a magnetic field (wow! you'd better be careful about where you place your computer, disks, thumbdrive!), that will reach around a 10-15 foot radius. You leave the electronic gadget in that zone and it will recharge automatically. No more plug-ins! I was reminded of this when I passed a cellphone charging in a library outlet this morning. Sadly, this terrific idea probably won't see the shelves for a while. (Read the full story from Boston Globe in the title link above).

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Connie said...

I'm thinking solar rechargers might be a better way to go. Here's an example:

Mind you, mid winter in our northern climes might be a challenge some days.