Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Stellar Idea -- Inventory (and help desk) Tracking by Serial Numbers

Ahoy! This idea is building and maybe you already have it at your place. Using software to record and track the technology inventory in your library (or the whole law school or university) is a great idea! It lets you know what you have, and where it is. It lets you record the serial numbers (before things go missing, when you can still have the info so you can report it!). Manage your technology and know where everything is. There is a nice review of new software here.

At least some of the software that can track the stuff can also track the requests for help - and where your techs are, if they have to travel around. What a great idea! This is a very good way to manage a large volume and a large staff. The review above, at Tech Republic includes a toolkit for evaluating this aspect of software, "call tracking" software.

Track-it may not be the only or even the best solution for tracking, but right now it seems to be a very good one. The review noted above is talking about Track-it, which has a standard and an enterprise version. tra, la, la.

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