Thursday, March 16, 2006


The Canadian Association of Law Libraries has started a new blog for the upcoming 2006 annual meeting:

CALLBlog2006: "A ‘CALL’ to Arms!

Are you coming to the CALL conference and haven’t blogged before? Well, now is your chance! Michael, Connie and I really don’t want to do this alone, and seeing as this is a collaborative blog, let’s collaborate…

This is the ideal test bed to get yourself started. And once the conference is over, your commitment is over. How much risk would you really be taking?

Also, if you like the experience, you could even consider setting up your own blog. There’s a great digital conversation going on out there among blogging law librarians, and you could take part!

So go ahead, send Michael Lines an email and come join us on the CALL Blog 2006!
I've attended several CALL meetings and I always enjoy them. The crowd is much smaller and more intimate than AALL--probably like AALL used to be before my time--but the programming is excellent. You also get to discover exciting places like Edmonton, Alberta! If my blogging visa comes through, I hope to be one of the contributors to CALLBlog2006.

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