Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Cat Bloggin?

I've missed Jim posting pictures of his beautiful cats. I had to get a cat fix some way or other. I found out about Kittenwar in the funniest way. I was going through the turnstile at the YMCA and 2 women at the desk were arguing over something on the computer screen. Suddenly one of them turned the screen around so I could see it and demanded of me: "Isn't that the cutest kitten you ever saw? It has won more battles than it's lost!"

This certainly seemed like a strange thing to assert. It was, by the way, one of those hairless cats, with huge, batlike ears, and big eyes. It was cute, in a strange way, with its wrinkled neck and hypnotic stare. But I had to ask how a kitten is involved in battles. And the Kittenwar website was explained to me. This is a website where people enter photographs of kittens (I don't suppose they even have to be their own cats, really). And viewers vote between 2 images, for the cuter of the pair. The cutest wins the "battle." The website tracks the winningest and losingest kitten photos. It is a hoot. It is, of course, more about the photographer's skill and luck catching the kitten in a good (or bad!) pose than the kitten -- though some cats are more beautiful or wierd or plain than others.

So, if you need a Friday Cat Bloggin' fix, visit kittenwar, but don't waste too much of your Friday!

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