Monday, March 13, 2006

Mud Season

Betsy McKenzie

There is nothing like mud.
When it is deep enough,
It sucks and pulls at every step
Until it pulls the boot off.
And then, there you are,
Balancing on one foot,
Trying to pull the lost boot
Out of the mire that suckered you,
Before you either fall over,
Or have to give in and put
Your sock foot down in the
Cold, sucking muck.
If soil could laugh,
Mud would have
A nasty snicker.

I am adding a picture of a toddler who has lost his boot in the mud -- doesn't he look distraught? The picture is from a blog at
His lost boot is on the ground behind him and you can see a bit of his white sock, still surviving the sopping, if you look. Poor little guy!

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