Saturday, January 14, 2006

What U.S. legal periodicals should you buy?

Posted this evening on law-lib by John Doyle at Washington and Lee University Law Library:

Just for the fun of it, I've made a webpage that dispenses advice on what U.S. legal periodicals should be purchased with any user-selected budget. It's at

Aside from entering what you want to spend, you may specifically select any of the listed periodicals for inclusion (you'd do that if you wished to include to some lower cost-effective-ranked journals, perhaps because of their jurisdictional or subject interest).

Once you submit the page it will return with a title listing of:
(a) the periodicals you actively selected (if any) and their total price,
(b) periodicals, in cost-effective order, that are within your budget
(c) excluded periodicals, in cost-effective order, outside your budget (d) other U.S. periodicals from the "most-cited" list that are excluded because they have an unknown or a zero price

The lists don't include non-U.S. titles (except for a few that are published elsewhere but have strong U.S. connections, e.g. the official journal of a U.S. association that might be published in England or the Netherlands).

Journal prices are those paid by U.S. academic libraries. The price figures come from those paid by W&L Law Library, or as shown on the journal's webpage, or as given in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory. If anyone wants to correct a price I'd be happy to receive corrections.
John Doyle
Washington & Lee Law School

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