Monday, January 23, 2006

If that's too pink, let's think...

When I first became a law librarian, I was a LAW librarian. this was interesting, because when I was a lawyer, I was never an attorney, I was always a lawyer. I always demystified what I did, and always low-keyed my presentation to my clients (I was a Reggie fellow at legal services).

But after I got my MLS, and came to work at a law school library, I wrapped myself in the majesty of my law degree and flaunted my bar card. My legal credentials became more important to my self-identity than they ever were before. It was a very interesting transition. I got my JD first, then the MLS.

To society, and I guess to me, too, I stepped down in the world. Going from lawyering to librarianship seems like that to those who don't know better. But I know better now. I am so pleased to be a librarian, and know I was so lucky to have wandered into this profession. Staying in law would have been a death to me, if not literally, then morally and creatively. This profession is wonderful (except for those tiny details of pay level, public perception and the fact that you nearly always have to travel to move forward in your career).

So to all those true-blue feeling librarians, I am sorry if I got too pink there. I, too, have been where you may be now. I hope that, eventually, you will come to feel more comfortable, if not with the color, then with the ethos and nurturing side of our profession. That's what I mean with pinkness, mostly.

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