Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Question of Balance

When Jim posted his note about outrage tag, at first I just thought it was cute. Then I thought a bit more about this. I cannot take too much outrage, too much anger. I was able to just post that Outline for a Graphic Novel, but it nearly tore me apart to think it out and write it.

I used to think, in Mark Twain's memorable phrase, that cursing "relieved one's feelings." That letting loose of anger was like letting steam out of an overheated boiler. I do not think that any more. Now, I think that expressing anger only reinforces my anger. It stirs up more anger in a never-ending cycle, that just feeds into violence. Either violence that faces outward, towards others, or inward, towards myself. Either direction is not good.

We do have a duty as citizens to be engaged in our country and join the discourse. We, unlike so many people around the world, have an opportunity to safely (in spite of silly laws like the USA PATRIOT ACT) protest against our government. But, we also have to measure our personal capacity for engagement at the moment. I sometimes have to take a break. Hence items like photos from satellites to help me take a longer perspective on world events. :)

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