Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Courts Using Ipods

WisBlawg - From the UW Law Library:

From the Ohio Legal Research Blog:

The U.S. District Court in Toledo is allowing the use of iPods by defense attorneys and their clients in a federal drug case. The Toledo Blade article ('Defense to use iPods to review evidence ...' Jan. 17, 2006) details the practical reasons for bringing iPods in for listening to over 100 hours of evidence:

* 13 CDs of wiretaps are condensed and downloaded into the iPods
* defendants are in scattered locations but can easily access the information
* the devices are easy to use and ensure that the recordings cannot be
reproduced, a concern of the court
* access to the devices are controlled out of the clerk's office in the
federal court
* the cost to the taxpayer is minimal as compared to other methods of
formatting information"
Actually, one 13-year-old I know tells me he knows how to copy files from an iPod. Good thing lawyers are older than 13.

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