Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Law Library Blog Survey: Successes

As Out of the Jungle guest blogger this week, I’ll continue to share the preliminary results of my survey of law library blogs.

The question I’m sharing today was an open ended one in which I asked respondents to share ways in which your blog has been successful.

I’ve attempted to categorize the type of responses and noted how many responses I received for each. As of today, there were 48 total respondents to the survey.


- Successfully sharing info with patrons, (including distance, unexpected, and distinguished readers) - 10 people noted this.
Specific comments: "I have received e-mails from my attorneys telling me that they wouldn't have known about useful cases if they hadn't seen my blog;" "Our lawyers and library staff comment frequently on content that has been helpful to them;" "The dean likes it."

- Archiving useful information for own/library staff use later - 8 people noted this.
Specific comments: "Helps us be more efficient with reference questions re. new developments, for example new statutes or court rules."

- Increased staff communication (one way and two way) and morale- 5 people noted this.
Specific comments: "It keeps our two offices "connected" and positively impacts office morale. People feel they know each other better and that they can communicate in an office forum where their personalities shine through. . . It has resulted in some lawyers collaborating that would not have made the connection otherwise."

- Networking (advice, camaraderie) with law and library colleagues made via blog - 5 people noted this.

- Blog mentioned in other blogs - 4 people noted this.

- Career booster - 2 people noted this.
Specific comments: "Profiled in local business newspaper & two job offers;" "Increased my esteem in my host institution"

- Good PR for firm/school - 2 people noted this.

- Usage statistics high - 2 people noted this.

- Creates impression of being on cutting edge - 1 person noted this.

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