Friday, September 02, 2005

Jackson Square, Jazz City Blues

New Orleans is the most culturally distinctive, cosmopolitan city in America. We sit in our living rooms across the country and opine about people sinking to the level of beasts without thinking about the fact the most of the folks left New Orleans under forced evacuation. Too many of the people left in the city when Hurricane Katrina hit were those too poor, too sick, old, disabled, criminal or drug/alcohol-raddled to evacuate. Those few folks in the media, medical or law enforcement, and a small assortment of other able-bodied, law-abiding folks aren't enough to balance this. Most of the middle and upper class had left the city, folks, so lets not beat up the New Orleans population for what happened after that. There are other people, in higher places that need to take the blame, not New Orleans. This beautiful image of Jackson Square with the St. Louis Cathedral in happier days is from

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