Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday notes

I have such conflicted thoughts at the end of this day. First, I want to thank Simon Fodden for his very provocative contributions as our first guest blogger. I only regret that we happened to schedule him for this week. I've been thoroughly preoccupied by the tragedy in Louisian and Mississippi, but I wish I had been able to respond more thoughtfully to Simon's postings. I'm sure many of our readers feel the same. Fortunately, Simon's postings will remain in the blog archives, and I plan to return to them in the weeks ahead.

I will be sending metta (loving kindness) to all those still in New Orleans, and hoping the rescue efforts get everyone out quickly and provide the care they need. I will also be thinking of all those in the Louisiana diaspora who were fortunate enough to get out earlier. Finally, I will be thinking of all of us, and hoping that we as a nation will finally confront the racism and apathy that led to our unforgivable abandonment of the poor in New Orleans.

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