Monday, September 14, 2009

Techno Rant

I have frittered away most of a day trying to get some simple technology running. This is undoubtedly the most frustrating single thing about the frontiers of our our brave new world. I started to limit this to librarianship, but in my experience, you can waste hours out of your day trying to get new technology to work in any part of your life, so, hey! Time-wasting frustration -- It's not just for libraries any more!

I am sure that once I either figure out what I am doing wrong -- (It's always USER ERROR, isn't it?) -- or break down and call for help, the wonders of the new technology will fulfill its promise and my life will be better in all ways.

But right just this minute, what I really want is a Byte Bat. This was an ingenious attitude adjustment device I saw in the 1970's -- a baseball bat shaped weapon made of Nerf foam. You could take that thing and WHACK the living hell out of your computer, without doing any appreciable damage to the damned thing. You felt so much better afterward. All I can do right now is spit. And with the H1N1 epidemic looming, I really can't even do that. Darn.


caliboss said...

If you give us details, we might be able to help you. ;-)

Betsy McKenzie said...

I'm trying to get a voice recording set-up going so I can record comments to student papers rather than hand-write them. I seem to have scotched the set-up by un-plugging the hardware too quickly after bringing it up. Arrgh.