Monday, September 07, 2009

The Florida Bar is Looking up Your YouTube Videos

If you are applying for admission to the Florida Bar, you had better clean up your social networking sites. The Florida Bar News reports that the Florida Board of Bar Examiners Character and Fitness Commission recommended expanding its current review of personal websites to include social networking sites. At their July meeting, the Commission voted to institute a policy of examining social networking sites on a case-by-case basis as "deemed necessary." The story notes the following categories would be examined:

• Applicants who are required to establish rehabilitation under Rule 3-13 “so as to ascertain whether they displayed any malice or ill feeling towards those who were compelled to bring about the proceeding leading to the need to establish rehabilitation;”

• Applicants with a history of substance abuse/dependence “so as to ascertain whether they discussed or posted photographs of any recent substance abuse;”

• Applicants with “significant candor concerns” including not telling the truth on employment applications or resumes;

• Applicants with a history of unlicensed practice of law (UPL) allegations;

• Applicants who have worked as a certified legal intern, reported self-employment in a legal field, or reported employment as an attorney pending admission “to ensure that these applicants are not holding themselves out as attorneys;”

• Applicants who have positively responded to Item 27 of the bar application disclosing “involvement in an organization advocating the overthrow of a government in the United States to find out if they are still involved in any related activities.”

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