Friday, September 18, 2009

Speak up! Learn how to be more effective

Government information is something that nobody but librarians seems to care about. By the time members of the public know they need a piece of government info, it's too late for them to advocate for it to be made public. Librarians are the folks who see the need ahead of time, so it's up to us to speak up and protect the public interest. AALL is working to train librarians to be more effective. If you are a member of AALL:

Help improve access to legal information and strengthen AALL's voice in government decisions – join the AALL advocacy team. If you're interested in learning the tools you need to make your legislators to listen when you have something to say, we invite you to sign up for AALL's free online advocacy training session, Join AALL's Advocacy Team: How to Deliver Our Message, on Wednesday, October 14, from 1-2 p.m. EDT. Speakers are Government Relations Office staff members Mary Alice Baish and Emily Feldman and "advocacy guru"

Stephanie Vance, guest speaker at AALL's 2009 Day on the Hill. Vance will explain how to develop and deliver a message to your representatives regarding the importance of free online access to Congressional Research Service reports and the digital authentication of online legal resources.

Register today!

No More Shrinking Violets!

And, if you cannot attend the webinar, I am informed that may be archived, in part or whole. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the whole thing, since I have to teach right when the webinar is on!

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