Friday, August 28, 2009

Westlaw returning printers to Southern New England

I got a voice mail from Spencer Clough at Southern New England School of Law today saying that West is returning the printers for their Westlaw. He credits pressure from stories such as the ones here at OOTJ, but also hard work from their own academic rep. We are so glad to hear that West is returning the printers! And we hope that this story, and the similar good news at UDC mean that the policy of removing printers from unaccredited and provisionally accredited law schools has been abandoned entirely. Thank you, West, for being responsive!


Marie S. Newman said...

This is really good news, Betsy, and I appreciate your passing it on. I hope that whoever is making the decisions at Thomson these days understands that the company needs to do a lot of fence mending with the library community.

Betsy McKenzie said...

I should make it clear that U.D.C. Law School IS fully accredited, and has been accredited since 2005. I am not sure why West should target this school to remove printers, since I had thought it was a matter of accreditation. My apologies to UDC!