Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bravo, AALL & James Duggan!

If you went to AALL, did you notice that Thomson-West was not listed as a sponsor at all? Did you also hear the rumor that it was because the AALL leadership finally faced West down about supplying price information for the Price Index? Click on the title for this post to visit the Law Librarian Blog (part of the Law Prof Blogs Network) to read the post by Joe Hodnicki about this story, dated August 5. As a long time griper about this problem, I want to publicly applaud AALL's board and outgoing (out-gone?) President James Duggan for their courage in confronting Thomson-West, and (I suppose) refusing their money. Bravo! That is heroism, and the kind of leadership we need, and that our patrons need from us!

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